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Paulo Enjoying His Breakfast142 viewsWheatabix, fresh Guernsey milk (from Carole, our cow), and some scrambled egg from our own Black Rock chickens. Served in his suite, on a silver (okay, silver colour) stand.
Carole - Our Guernsey Cow362 viewsCarole, a pedigree Guernsey Cow, is our "house" cow --- providing us with all of our milk. So much milk that we feed the excess to our Tamworth pigs. We have just started to make butter and (soon) cheese from Carole's "output." And she treats us to the best milk shakes in Worcestershire, if not all of the West Midlands.
Elvis and His Milk Moustache138 viewsElvis having his breakfast --- scrambled eggs from our own Black Rock chickens (laid this morning) and Guernsey milk, usually from Carole, our house cow. Elvis has his "Got Milk?" moustache.
UK302940500055 -- Got Milk?263 viewsA female calf, UK302940500055, born 8 June 2004. Sold 1 October 2005
Carole and Her Calf206 viewsCarole is our Guernsey house cow. When she's in full action, she produces all of the delicious Guernsey milk that we can possibly drink --- and she's milked by hand. She's just had a new calf, a bull calf. I was taking his photograph, and Carole stepped in to protect him.
My arrival at Lucies Farm221 viewsBelinda arriving at Lucies Farm to begin her role as our house cow. She's milked by hand twice each day, and her full-fat fresh Guernsey milk is used in scrambled eggs --- the breakfast of most of our doggie guests.
Is this my new home?178 views
Think I'll go for a ride in the car181 viewsIan Crouch bringing Belinda to her new home at Lucies Farm.
Guess my home is elsewhere171 views
Still looking for my new home248 views
Don't even think it - I'm already expecting155 views
Waves91 viewsThe indoor swimming pool -- the camera somehow made the clear water look like milk.
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