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Ross In His Temporary Home210 viewsBeneath the Manchester Magistrates' Court. A pen was constructed using soil from a garden centre and straw from Lucies Farm. Ross was happy in his "hidden location."
Grzegorz With Ross193 viewsIn Ross' temporary accommodation beneath the Manchester Magistrates' Court.
Grzegorz Giving Ross Some Exercise281 viewsA bit like dog walking --- only the "dog" is a lot larger! Fez, one of Ross' regular security guards, is watching.
Ross Going Back Into His "Secret Location"135 viewsHidden beneath the Manchester Magistrates' Court.
Ross and Grzegorz176 viewsRoss on the pedestrian passage (temporarily closed with barricades and security guards) beneath the Manchester Magistrates' and Cornoner's Court. We took Ross for several brief walks during his week in Manchester --- to give him some fresh air and some sunlight on his back.
Grzegorz Taking Ross for a Walk187 viewsGiving Ross a bit of fresh air and exercise. This small alleyway was rarely used by pedestrians, and the security guards closed it off completely when we took Ross for a brief walk and some sunshine.
Ross of Bien Esk In His Secret Location148 viewsAn empty art gallery (we were told) beneath the Manchester Magistrates' Court.
Entrance to Ross' Secret Lair168 viewsBeneath the Manchester Magistrates' Court. Ross had round-the-clock security guards (at least two), and our farm colleagues also spent considerable time with Ross.
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