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Maxim Magazine June 2005 Article4371 viewsDavid Whitehouse, a reporter from Maxim Magazine spent a night in our dog hotel. As this is a bit of a lad's magazine, the article is not accurate reporting --- and not for the easily offended. The pictures are good, and part of the article is quite funny. (David was fed a Kobe beef meatloaf for dinner and ate it all. He had to turn the heat down in the middle of the night because he was too warm...) This is a 1,883kb PDF file.1 comments
Nana Reading A Magazine337 viewsI am guessing that Baba took this photograph. I must have inherited this trait from him: I love annoying Marjorie by taking her photograph in bed, when she's trying to read or relax.
Marjorie Reading Magazines912 viewsOutside of our villa room at the Dar Al Masyaf in Dubai.
Rannoch's Bubble Bath248 viewsGQ Style did an article on "the best," and wanted to feature Kobe beef as the best beef. They sent up a photographer from London, Annabel Elston, to take pictures of me doing silly things to Lord Rannoch --- like giving him a bubble bath.
Swimming Pigs - Maxim Magazine, January 056842 viewsOur accountant sent us this photograph from Maxim magazine showing one of our Tamworth pigs having a nice swim in the pool.
Pick Me Up Magazine -- March 30 2006201 viewsWhen the journalist called from Pick Me Up magazine, I thought she was joking. But it's a women's magazine with quite a large circulation. They did a "cute" story about Marjorie swimming with the Tamworth pigs.
Pick Me Up Magazine -- March 30 20062414 viewsWe're on the cover (okay, the photo is very small) and in the table of contents.
How long do I have to stay here?125 views
Oh no, not another photo shoot132 views"Your Dog" magazine came to Lucies Farm to do an article on our luxury dog hotel. They wanted a swimming dog and since George (our star swimmer) had gone home that morning it was down to Barney to perform. Swimming is not is favourite activity! Issue is due out July 2007.
OK, can I get out now?141 views
My hero!146 views
I'm too pooped to move132 views
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