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Richard Chamings (right) and Big and The Wild Boar518 viewsOur newly-arrived wild boar has a prolapse, possibly from all the rich, new grass at his new home. Here Big (left) and our vet, Richard Chamings operate on the boar's rear. Tranquilising a wild boar proved to be quite a challenge: he just didn't want to lie down.
Lucy Running71 viewsWith her ears flapping.
The Kune Kune - Gloucester Old Spot Cross242 viewsThe particularly ugly pig is my daughter's. The pig is a cross between a Kune Kune pig (from New Zealand --- translates to "fat and round") and a Gloucester Old Spot pig. We never quite understood how the cross took place, but it did --- and produced this rather strange pig with wattles. They're called piri piri or dew laps that hang from the lower jaw, and their purpose is not known.
Kiko in My Lap114 viewsKiko thinking he's a large lap dog. At the Lygon Arms Hotel in Broadway, January 11 2007.
Colin Thomas and Silas Getting Ready to Photograph228 viewsColin Thomas was looking for someone who could build a large bonfire for a photo shoot. His timing was perfect: it's the time of year when most people cut the leylandii hedges and other trees. Colin and his assistant Silas etting up in the field next to the entrance to Lord's Wood.
It's a funny shape isn't it!!138 views
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