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Merlin Posing498 viewsWhen we got Merlin, we were told out to be careful of him. And, as with any bull, we give him the respect (and attention) he deserves. But he's really a big pussycat. Here he is posing for the camera. King's End Lane, August 2004
Merlin -- Our Guernsey Bull813 viewsKing's End Lane, August 2004
Merlin and a Donkey573 viewsMerlin, the Guernsey bull, shares his field with two donkeys (Pedro and Geofredo), a zippy horse, and three elderly alpacas.
Kevin Howdle and Merlin8373 viewsKing's End Lane, August 2004
Marjorie Walking Cookie and Paulo380 viewsI asked Marjorie to hold both dogs for a moment while I climbed the small bank on the side of the road to photograph our cattle grazing. As I turned around, I thought a photo of Marjorie holding Cookie and Paulo was worth snapping.1 comments
Tamworth "in the zone"2066 viewsShe's just covered her nose with a liberal coating of mud, and that's made her thirsty.1 comments
The Sunday Walk231 viewsLooks a bit like a class photograph. All dogs were walked in their own familiar "group," but as part of the big whole.
The Ridgebacks at the Drinking Hole137 viewsClean, fresh water in stainless steel bowls in their suites --- but the Ridgebacks prefer a drink from the fish pond.
Ridgebacks on a Summer Afternoon133 views
Licking my Chops140 views
Mr. Kiko, You Look Guilty460 viewsActually, Kiko had been asleep --- and was now waking up. I wouldn't like someone taking a flash photo as I was getting out of bed.
Shaking Off The Water117 views
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