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Craig at Christmas 2001.jpg
Christmas 2001 - With New Jacket558 views
Yellow-Jacket Wasp153 viewsWe seem to have a wasps' next in the ground next to Kea's and Pau's bench. I took about a dozen photos --- this is the only one where the wasp is in focus. There's actually a guide on the internet to tell you what the markings mean. I think they mean "nasty -- avoid." Apparently you can freeze the nest, or pour boiling water down the opening. As if!
Marjorie Hand-Feeding India110 viewsIt chucked with rain today (the Great British Summer). The dogs still all had two long walks, and a long garden run in the middle. Marjorie --- wearing her waxed jacket and cap --- feeding India his dinner, by hand. Just a little bit pampered. This is a screen capture from our 24/7 webcam.
Underwater Photograph of Max456 viewsMarjorie supporting Max, the black Labrador, in the water. This is an underwater shot, looking up towards Max's head (upper right of the photograph --- and completely out of the water). As is shown, Max is supported in the water by his canine life jacket, and by Marjorie.
Branston in His Life Jacket289 viewsReady for his doggie swim --- er, canine hydrotherapy.
Branston In His Life Jacket252 viewsBranston looking very swish in his doggie life jacket.
Branston Coming Up The PetRamp250 viewsLooking quite smart in his doggie life jacket.
Ash the Horse and Me187 viewsMy foot is really bothering me, so although we were taking Ash a short distance, Marjorie followed in the car so I wouldn't need to walk back. What a bummer. Ash was like walking a big dog. And she kept nibbling the grass along the way.
Billy Leaving the Pool206 viewsUp the PetRamp, looking smart in his doggie life jacket.
Marjorie in Her New Jacket -- Christmas 2005119 viewsI wanted to get Marjorie something for Christmas that would be (a) warm (b) dry and (c) visible to oncoming cars, etc., when she walks the doggie guests. Thanks to Google, I found an ambulance jacket. I just love girls in uniforms.
Treasure Having A Swim147 viewsTreasure is a Newfoundland puppy.
Treasure and Dog Life Jacket105 viewsThis was Treasure's first time in the pool, so we thought the doggie life jacket made sense.
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