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Throwing the Dog Into The Air360 viewsThe skateboard dude stunned us all -- including Tom Green, holding the microphone -- by tossing his little dog into the air. Fortunately, he caught the dog.
The Olympic Rings in the Snow at Pragelato375 views
Man, Dog, Skateboard - Sestiere351 viewsTom Green, the comedian, was filming in Sestiere. For some reason, there was a dude with a skateboard and a red dog, and they came riding down what passes for the main street.
Marjorie Getting Ready for the Olympics365 viewsAt our hotel in Saluzzo, The Griselda. The staff at the hotel were tremendously friendly, but the bed and pillows were made of concrete, and we were right next to the lift and heard every creak and clatter.
A Caribineri (Policeman) in Cesana Pariol494 viewsThe cashier at a restaurant near our hotel observed, "We thought we'd be invaded by tourists. Instead, we were invaded by the police." Most caribineri were glum and unfriendly. This gentleman, however, was different. He even helped me to my seat, and carried my camera.
Two "Doormen" in Torino366 viewsThese two ladies were, I suppose, "doormen" at a hotel in Torino. I thought their hats were funny (as did they) so they let me take their photograph --- until the President of the Republic of Italy arrived.
Sitting on the Bed in the Hotel Plaza, Torino182 viewsNot much room to sit anywhere else in our "compact" hotel room.
Marjorie in the City of Bra156 viewsWe went to Bra for lunch --- it was near-by, and the name was amusing.
Throwing the Dog Into The Air150 viewsThe skateboard dude tossed his little dog into the air a second time, as we all looked on in stunned horror. Fortunately, he caught the dog a second time. Did the dog enjoy this? Discuss.
Marjorie in Sestriere150 viewsWe had a nice lunch in Sestiere, and then we walked (I slowly hobbled) around the small "city centre" to look at the ski clothing and souvenier shops.
Marjorie -- At Lunch in Bra, Italy157 viewsAs we waited for our lunch, Marjorie decided to play with the bread sticks.
Me and My Poor Foot151 viewsSitting on the mountain road railing above Pragelato, Italy. Great to see the sunshine.
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