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George Ready to Jump110 viewsStanding on the PetRamp, with one of the floating dog toys.
George with the Floating Dog Toy142 viewsGeorge loved the floating dog toys --- all three of them. Here's George, on the PetRamp, with one of the toys.
George and the Magenta Dog Bone105 viewsViewed from underwater. George is standing on the PetRamp, his favoured method of getting into the pool.
George Heading Up the PetRamp88 views. . . and out of the pool.
George Coming Down the PetRamp97 viewsGeorge preferred to run down the PetRamp and into the pool instead of jumping off the side.
Close-Up of George Coming Down the PetRamp84 views. . . and into the pool.
George Swimming To The Far End of the Pool106 viewsGeorge would swim to the far end of the pool, fetch one (or more) of the floating toys, and then swim back to the PetRamp.
George on the PetRamp112 viewsViewed from underwater.
George Standing on the Ramp92 views. . . with the magenta floating dog bone, his favourite.
George Swimming83 viewsAn underwater shot of George swimming in the pool, as photographed by Zbig.
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