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Craig and Kiko and the Stars and Stripes152 viewsOur 4th of July American flag, on the hedge in front of Whitecroft.
4th of July Flag189 viewsMarjorie and Kiko by our July 4th American flag, on the hedge in front of Whitecroft.2 comments
4th of July at Whitecroft129 viewsFor the second year in a row (a tradition?) we put our huge American flag, bought by us just after 9-11, up on the hedge at the front of Whitecroft, along Colletts Green Road. Here's Marjorie posing with Kiko. Note the busy rush-hour traffic. July 4th 2006
Birchfields 2193 viewsThe slightly darker stretch of land, extending from the bridle way on the left to the hedge on the right. The small red arrow points to the Worcester Cathedral in the distance. The lighter area in the foreground (with a few sheep) is Birchfields 1 1/2, owned by others.
View From Across the Street302 viewsA view from across Colletts Green Road, showing our tall front hedge and the house in the background (left). The brown field is owned by Thomas Hawkins.
The Whitecroft Track142 viewsLooking south down the Whitecroft track (December 2007). The new fence is starting to weather a little, and we are about to plant laurels for a hedge.
The Top of our Leylandii Hedge -- Ready for the Bonfire213 viewsPaul Doyle and team trimmed the top off one of our leylandii hedges, bringing much more light into our front garden. Coincidentally, we've been asked to build a large bonfire for a photo shoot. Here's the "cuttings" waiting to be moved from our track to the site of the bonfire.
Newly Trimmed Hedge244 viewsPaul Doyle and his crew just pruned the top off our Leylandii hedge, bringing more light into the stable yard.
Stable Yard With Newly Topped Hedge166 viewsThe Leylandii hedge near the southern edge of the stable yard has been trimmed, bringing more light into the area. Now if only we had some sunshine!
Last Days of the Caravan165 viewsPaul Doyle's crew are dismantling the caravan and pruning the hedge near the stable yard. A busy day --- and (fortunately) no rain.
Sandpit Farm - Colletts Green Road109 viewsThe yellow line shows where the hedge and trees grow beyond the property line, blocking what little verge there is along Colletts Green Road, Powick. This view is taken looking east, back towards Powick.
New Fence at Maggot's Croft92 viewsPhotographed from the field north of our property, and looking towards the south, this shows the new 6' fence that we've installed to block the gap in our hedge and preserve our privacy.
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