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Whitecroft Sunset - 5 August 2005214 viewsOur neighbor farmer, Thomas Hawkins, planted a cereal crop on the field next to Whitecroft. With it all rolled up nicely into bundles, Marjorie, Tapa, and I went to have a look at the big rolls at sunset. Whitecroft is just visible in the trees.
Tapa and the Hay129 viewsA summer's afternoon, August 5 2005
Tapa and the Hay399 viewsA summer afternoon. We went to look at the neighbor farmer's hay. Tapa loved the experience of walking in the funny grass.
Tapa and the Hay146 views
Whitecroft at Sunset113 viewsAugust 5 2005 - a nice summer afternoon. Hay freshly rolled. Whitecroft shown in the background.
Whitecroft at Sunset125 views
Our Young Guernsey Steer Enjoying Some Hay1280 views
Whitecroft Track, Afternoon of September 24 2006177 viewsWe put a couple of bales of haylage on our track (we had to move them from the stable yard, as we were removing a piece of farm equipment). They haylage does not block our track. I noticed today that our neighbours have a visitor, and the visitor has parked in our track, parallel to our bales of haylage.
In New York City Sanitation Department Costume156 viewsSitting on a small bale of hay.
Jus' checking out my new home503 views
Yummy, breakfast, lunch and dinner!!98 viewsNew delivery of fresh straw and hay from Robert Floyd.
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