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Scottish | Kobe Hamburger285 viewsMarjorie made me this hamburger last night from our Scottish | Kobe beef, a Jack Hawkins tomato from Waitrose, a sweet onion, and a freshly-baked roll. It was too good to eat without first taking a photograph. Having snapped the shot, I then sat on the couch and ate it while watching TV: it was super moist, and incredibly delicious.
Whitecroft Sunset - 5 August 2005215 viewsOur neighbor farmer, Thomas Hawkins, planted a cereal crop on the field next to Whitecroft. With it all rolled up nicely into bundles, Marjorie, Tapa, and I went to have a look at the big rolls at sunset. Whitecroft is just visible in the trees.
Tapa and the Hay147 views
Front of Woodman's Cottage222 viewsWe have now removed the bush that sat on our property, and plan to move the fences back to the property line later this week. This will give us the space so that departing vehicles can see safely in both directions on the Bransford Road.
Sewage Outfall from Woodman's Cottage222 viewsA second photograph, taken on September 19, 2005, of the ditch on our property, adjacent to our track down to Lord's Wood. This sewage outfall is coming from Woodman's Cottage, owned by Thomas Hawkins.
Lord's Wood Cottage Soak-Away360 viewsThomas Hawkins installed this underground soak-away in a corner of Lord's Wood for the waste from Lord's Wood Cottage. I understand that they've buried porous stones in a chamber that they've excavated, and then have covered it with a black membrande to keep the soil from entering the chamber. We have our fingers crossed that this will stop the pollution into Lord's Wood.
Back of Lord's Wood Cottage261 viewsPhotographed from the back of Lord's Wood Cottage, looking towards the south. The brick chicken coop is shown in the centre of the photograph, with the metal leaning on it.
Woodman's Cottage245 viewsLooking from across the Bransford Road (also called Station Road) towards the East. The survey mark is shown with a yellow cross in the road surface.
Front Garden of Woodman's Cottage202 viewsLooking from the track towards the West. The disputed area is the triangular portion on the left of the photograph.
Woodman's Cottage, Looking to the West299 viewsPhotographed from the eastern track, looking towards the west.
Woodman's Cottage196 viewsLooking from the triangular area at the roadside, towards the North.
Looking Southward Down The Track221 viewsLord's Wood Cottage (with its new extension) is on the right. This photograph shows how the tyre tracks have moved to the east (left in this photograph) because the post-and-rail fence is too far to the east.
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