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Statue of Liberty from the Deck of the QE2178 viewsArriving in New York City by large ocean liner is thrilling. This was a warm spring day, April 1991. It was the first crossing of the year for the QE2 and we were a day late because we encountered 55 foot waves in the North Atlantic. The Statue of Liberty is in the distance.
The QE2 and the Verrazano Narrows Bridge115 viewsSailing into New York harbour on the QE2 in April 1991. We are about to go under the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, separating Staten Island from Brooklyn. It has a centre span of 4,260 feet.
QE2 About To Sail Beneath the Verrazano Narrows Bridge121 viewsThe bridge separates Staten Island from Brooklyn. It has a clearance of 228 feet at mean high water, so hopefully we'll fit beneath it.
Ellis Island from the Top Deck of the QE2134 views
Arriving in New York City on the QE2 - April 1991115 viewsThis panoramic photograph, taken with a Widelux camera from the top deck of the QE2, is now quite poignant because of the prominence of the two towers of the World Trade Center. We couldn't have imagined when we took this photograph on a warm spring day in April 1991 that just over a decade later both towers would be gone. In November 2008 the QE2 sails to Dubai where she will be permanently moored.
The North Atlantic From Our Cabin on the QE2179 viewsOur cabin was at the top of the ship, so it really rock-and-rolled in the high seas. This was the first crossing of the North Atlantic by the QE2 in 1991, and we encountered 55 foot seas. The stabilisers had to be retracted, and we sailed to the south in a futile effort to avoid the worst of the weather. We were a day late arriving in New York City.
Standing In Our Cabin on the QE2122 viewsMarjorie was seasick during most of the crossing of the North Atlantic, so she spent a lot of time in our cabin. During the last day or so of our trip the seas started to calm, so Marjorie was able to see some of the ship.
Arriving in New York Harbour on the QE2121 viewsApril 1991, photographed with a Widelux panoramic camera from the top deck of the QE2. The twin towers of the World Trade Center can be seen in the middle of the photograph.
Sunapee Harbor - New Hampshire2965 viewsWe took the dogs for a Memorial Day drive. In the middle of the countryside we saw a small sign pointing to Sunapee Harbor. Although miles from the sea, we found this lovely "seaside" New England harbor, complete with a seafood restaurant on the water. Gorgeous.
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