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Kiko Asleep Under My Chair584 viewsMarjorie snapped this picture of Kiko sleeping, face down, right under my office chair.
Lord Rannoch's DNA Test374 viewsOur Swiss customers required Rannoch to have a DNA test, so off we went to pull out some (not much) of his hair. It was important that the roots still be attached. Ever pulled the hair out of a bull? Here are the DNA results from Weatherbys Ireland.
Old Whitecroft Kitchen -- Chase and Marjorie180 viewsGosh, I barely remember when the kitchen looked like this. The black metal (and cane) chairs came from Hawaii. I think Marjorie was trying to prove that she could b taller than Chase -- if she stood on a chair.
Teddy With New Punk Hairstyle101 views
Gretel215 viewsGretel -- a standard wire-haired Daschund --- enjoying the warm summer afternoon with a dip in the pool. (Or, more accurately, on the dog-proof pool cover.)
Gretel124 viewsGretel is a standard wire-haired Daschund. She was only here one day --- and was a lot of fun. In this photo she's managed to get on top of the (dog-proof) swimming pool cover.
Max's Coat108 viewsA close-up of Max's coat, wet from his dip in the stream. It's incredible how it all fits together, almost like scales.
Tamworth Pig Fur2195 viewsOr is it called bristle?
Matt standing his ground172 views
Posing for cookies372 views
I'm licking my chops, give me the cookie NOW!109 views
Matt & Rose at play190 views
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