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Haddock Ice Cream on Caesar's Birthday Cake331 viewsThe cake is not one of ours (alas), but the Haddock Ice Cream is from Lucies Farm
Caesar's Birthday Party272 viewsAs Wendy e-mailed, "All the dogs enjoyed the ice cream and assorted cookies. In the end, we served the ice cream on top of Caesars' birthday cake, and they all licked their bowls clean!"
Martha and the Haddock Ice Cream300 viewsMarjorie enjoys her Haddock Ice Cream from Lucies Farm. The ice cream can be ordered from
Martha and the Haddock Ice Cream270 viewsMartha waiting to devour her Haddock Ice Cream at her birthday party.
Lennox in the Shade136 viewsA very hot day, and Lennox has ventured out of the air conditioned dog resort. Here he has the wisdom to stand in the shade.1 comments
Ellie Relaxing in the Shade103 views
Chad and Jake in the Pool263 viewsJake really showed an interest in the blue floating toy, and (as long as it wasn't too far away) he'd quite happily jump in the pool to fetch it.
Chad and Jake Playing Catch260 views
Paulo in the Shade89 viewsAfter a couple of runs with the ball, Paulo would move to the shade for a few minutes to cool down.
Basil's Birthday Treats620 viewsHis own doggie-friendly birthday cake (with picture) from Lucies Farm, some of our doggie cookies --- and even some of our Haddock ice cream.
Not used to this sun, think I'll take a breather in the shade70 views
Tamworth Enjoying the Sunshine174 viewsOne of our Tamworth pigs wearing his Hoggles to keep the sun out of his eyes. This shot was taken by Dan from Caters News ---
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