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Gucci Having Cuddles180 viewsGucci is a miniature bull terrier. Today was a nice summer day, and after she'd had her walk, Marjorie and I took Gucci for a long run in the garden. Here she's having a bunch of cuddles from Marjorie.
Gucci Wants a Treat132 views
Gucci106 views
Marjorie Showing Gucci the Runner Beans133 viewsGucci looks so very, very interested in Marjorie's explanation of the details of runner beans.
Gucci -- The Minature Bull Terrier100 views
Gucci Posing for the Camera106 views
Gucci in the Roses113 viewsThe shadows from the rose bush almost make Gucci look like a deer or even a wild boar. Gucci was just sniffing the air, enjoying an English summer afternoon -- with some rare sunshine.
Gucci With Her Nose in the Air103 viewsLooking suitably above it all . . .
Gucci With The "Big Nose" Lens128 viewsI have a lens that makes dog's noses seem larger and their bodies smaller. Marjorie and I call it the "big nose" lens. I'm not sure that a "big nose" lens is needed for bull terriers. Here's Gucci posing.
Gucci Looking Sideways131 viewsShe was a good girl, sitting for a cookie and to pose for the camera. But after a few moments, she'd had enough --- and was ready to play some more.
Gucci Receiving A Cuddle from Marjorie109 views
Gucci Playing Ball148 viewsShe likes to push the ball with her nose, a bit cat-like. But she was picking them up and playing fetch today --- if only for a little while.
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