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Digby Gribble and Ian Crouch Rounding Up Ross500 viewsGetting Ross ready for his daily routine.
Ross At The Gallop440 viewsRoss having a bit of a run before letting Ian and Digby put on his head collar and nose lead. This photo shows that, yes, Ross can run when he wants to do so. He ran for about three seconds.
Ross Being Encouraged to Show Interest in the Dummy Cow268 viewsIan Crouch has used some "slime" (a poetic farmer name) from Carole, our Guernsey cow, to interest Ross. While Ross did some foaming at the mouth, and licked his lips, he wasn't all that interested in the plastic dummy cow, or even in Carole.
Ross Being Shown the Cow Dummy220 viewsBut Ross wasn't hugely interested. Digby Gribble is watching, hoping for some success.
Digby Gribble and Ian Crouch with Ross364 viewsTrying to interest Ross in the plastic cow dummy. Ross wasn't buying.
Digby Gribble and Ian Crouch with Ross and Carole256 viewsWe tried to use our Guernsey cow, Carole, to interest Ross. But he wasn't overly interested in either the plastic dummy, or in Carole.
Digby Leading Ross Back To His Field205 viewsToday's rehearsal is over, and Ross is going back to a nice bale of hay.
Digby Leading Ross out of the Stock Trailer200 viewsBehind the Manchester Opera House, getting ready for his stage debut.
Digby Gribble with Ross of Bien Esk198 viewsBehind the Manchester Opera House.
Ross of Bien Esk Getting Ready to Enter the Manchester Opera House204 viewsHis first experience on the ramp and on stage. Led by Digby Gribble, Grzegorz Bednarksi, and Artur Ivanyan --- with Jack Thompson standing safely to one side.
Ross of Bien Esk411 viewsWaiting behind the Manchester Opera House.
Ross of Bien Esk Heading Down the Ramp179 viewsRoss' first appearance at the Manchester Opera House. He walked down the ramp for the first time like a real pro.
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