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Lord's Wood Entrance to Bransford Road278 viewsOur car is parked on the triangle of land that's part of the Lord's Wood title deed, and provides access to the Colletts Green to Bransford Road. The plan is to pave or gravel (with compacted gravel) this area in the next few weeks. When we commence woodland operations, the sawmill needs (I'm told) to be able to pick up the cut trees from next to the road, so this will become the staging area for that.
The Day Tarmac Came155 viewsThis is our second load of gravel from Tarmac for the farm drive. We had 15 tons yesterday, and this is 20 tons. What would we do without the tractor and the bucket on the front?
New Fence and Curb208 viewsBy the afternoon of September 15 2006 (when this photo was taken) the new fence had been erected. The curb across our track (the eastern track) is designed to retain the gravel we are about to install in the triangle between the fence and the road.
The New Fence at Woodman's Cottage216 viewsPhotographed on the afternoon of September 18 2006. The excavation of some of the triangle area had started, and the load of gravel had been delivered. The nice new fence is shown in the background.
Woodman's Cottage -- The Pile of Gravel204 viewsThe gravel in a big pile, waiting for the excavation to be completed. The gravel was then spread and compacted. Photographed on the afternoon of September 18 2006.
Woodman's Cottage - Compacted Gravel258 viewsThe excavation of about 4 inches of soil completed. The gravel has been spread and compacted, so it's almost as solid as the road. Photographed on the morning of September 19 2006. Nigel Roberts, from Albion Landscapes standing proudly with his shovel.
Compacting the Gravel244 viewsIn the front of Woodman's Cottage, morning of September 19 2006. A beautiful, sunny, warm monring. This work was done for us by Albion Landscapes. They were the lowest of three bidders I contacted. They were very fast, and they did an excellent job.
The Whitecroft Track142 viewsLooking south down the Whitecroft track (December 2007). The new fence is starting to weather a little, and we are about to plant laurels for a hedge.
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