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Winter Morning - Maggot's Croft349 viewsThe field behind our house is called Maggot's Croft (it clearly came with that name --- not something we thought up). It was once an apple orchard, and these old trees are left from those days. Taken by Marjorie on a cold winter morning, December 28 2004.
Maggot's Croft - Snow Sky252 viewsFebruary 20 2005. The weather folks have been warning us about the snow storm that's coming for the past few days. It seems to always be coming tomorrow. This was taken at about 4:30 PM on Sunday afternoon, and it was cold outside. A snow sky? We'll see.
Maggot's Croft Vegetable Patch123 viewsWe're growing (or trying to grow) our own vegetables next to the pig field at Maggot's Croft.
Pigs Lined Up At The Fence5446 viewsThe young Tamworth boars (red) and young Berkshire boar, Westbrook (black) line up at the fence --- with the alpacas in the background.
Maggot's Croft, as Viewed From The Stable260 viewsBeautiful summer afternoon --- warm but not too warm.
Elvis and His Milk Moustache138 viewsElvis having his breakfast --- scrambled eggs from our own Black Rock chickens (laid this morning) and Guernsey milk, usually from Carole, our house cow. Elvis has his "Got Milk?" moustache.
UK302940500055 -- Got Milk?263 viewsA female calf, UK302940500055, born 8 June 2004. Sold 1 October 2005
Me Sitting in the Oval Lingotto245 viewsThey wheeled me to this area in the Oval Lingotto where we sat, essentially, with the speed skating coaches and had a ring-side view of the action.1 comments
Me Sitting on a Chair Outside the Oval Lingotto146 viewsWe went to see the speed skating at the new Oval Lingotto. This was the first place where the Caribineri (police) actually let me get through to the handicapped parking area with my EU handicapped parking permit. I sat on this chair in the parking lot until they brought around an electric cart a few minutes later.
500 Meter Men's Speed Skating - Oval Lingotto156 viewsFebruary 13 2006
Television Interviews at the Oval Lingotto246 viewsDuring the 500 Meter Men's Speed Sakting, Torino Olympics, February 13 2006
The Olympic Cheerleaders - Oval Lingotto - Torino275 viewsI was surprised to see that there were "Olympic Cheerleaders." I don't know if it was the lighting in the Oval Lingotto, but their costumes looked dull (and almost unclean) to me. But they were cheery!
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