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Black Rock Chickens8870 viewsChickens always remind me of little old ladies. Here two Black Rocks are having a nice gossip.
Gloucester Old Spot Sow194 viewsAnd two litters of GOS/Tamworth piglets.
Gloucester Old Spot Sow149 viewsLunch time. Some of the GOS/Tamworth piglets are hers, and some aren't. She doesn't mind, nor does the other GOS sow.
Two Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglets158 viewsThe one on the left has the characteristic Tamworth "ginger" colour. Both have the GOS spots!
Gloucester Old Spot Sow148 viewsHow does she see where she's going with those floppy ears?
Three Piglets150 viewsThe piglets are Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot crosses.
Gloucester Old Spot - Tamworth Piglets161 viewsFrom two litters, born a couple of weeks apart. It's cute how some look like GOS pigs, and some look more like their father. Crossing a GOS sow with a Tamworth boar wasn't our idea, and the two sows and their piglets have been abandoned with us. We are looking for a good home (or homes) for them.
Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglet140 views
Two Gloucester Old Spot Sows141 viewsWe are looking for a good home for these two GOS sows, and their two litters of GOS/Tamworth piglets.
Two Tamworth - Gloucester Old Spot Piglets149 views
Gloucester Old Spot Sow460 viewsA farmer brought this sow, and another, to become impregnated by our Tamworth boar. He's just never come to pick them up --- or their piglets. We are looking for a good home for the sows and Tamworth/GOS cross piglets.
Feedin' Time...!184 viewsMom had been in the stable yard for an hour or so --- a bit of a break, and so she could have a nice warm bath. But babies (from her litter, and another litter) were happy to see her back again. And she obliged by lying down right there in the dirt! Only some of these piglets are hers, but she's not bothered.
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