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Marjorie and the Black Rocks845 viewsGood Friday morning, 2004. The Black Rocks are always pleased with the kitchen scraps that Marjorie brings them each morning.3 comments
Pigs in a Line268 viewsGood Friday morning, 2004. The pigs are in a nice chorus line, from left to right: the "original" Kune Kune, the Kune - Gloucester Old Spot cross (how did that happen?), the sinister Iron Age pig (now quite an elderly lady), and the Sinister - GOS cross.
The Tamworth Two234 viewsGood Friday, 2004. These two Tamworth pigs --- sisters --- recently arrived at Lucies Farm from the City of Gloucester. They are enjoying the green grass of spring, but won't take long to convert it into mud.
Turkey Stag582 viewsGood Friday morning, 2004. One of our new Bronze Turkey stags, purchased from mid-Wales last week.
Turkey Stag307 viewsGood Friday, 2004
Cookie finding a particularly good smell85 views
C'mon guys, let's have some order here809 viewsCathy, Fay and I at the BBC TV Studios trying to keep order while we wait for our live segment on the BBC World Service Cooking for Dogs
Me too!!129 viewsWoody making sure he gets his share of cuddles while we all wait for showtime on the BBC World Service Cooking For Dogs
Who's the more handsome?!133 viewsFay keeping Barney calm while he waits for his starring role on the BBC World Service in Cooking For Dogs
Woody!!180 viewsFay, Cathy, me, Barney and Woody chilling out while we wait for our appearance on live TV for the BBC World Service Cooking for Dogs segment
OK, I'm ready for my close-up now114 viewsBarney deciding to pose for the camera. Woody still camera shy as Cathy, Fay and I wait for our time in front of the camera for the BBC World Service Cooking for Dogs live segment
Now, have you got everything?148 views
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