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Merlin the Guernsey Bull235 viewsIt's a bit silly, but we have one Guernsey house cow (Carole) and one Guernsey bull (Merlin). They are very lovey-dovey, and spend a tremendous amount of each day grooming each other. In this photo Merlin looks a bit like a Roman devil-god. I think it's his short, stubby horns.
Cao Dai Temple, Viet Nam380 views"Cao Dai actually means "palace or high tower", which is suitably apt. Built in 1927, the massive nine-story Cao Dai Temple is part cathedral and part pagoda. It is also a rude assault on your eyeballs."
Whitecroft Track -- Looking South122 viewsSummer afternoon, Aug 3 2006. Our white gate on the left. We own this gravel track. Our neighbours told the Council our tractor was blocking the track (our track). I took this photo to show this to be untrue.
Whitecroft Track, Afternoon of September 24 2006178 viewsWe put a couple of bales of haylage on our track (we had to move them from the stable yard, as we were removing a piece of farm equipment). They haylage does not block our track. I noticed today that our neighbours have a visitor, and the visitor has parked in our track, parallel to our bales of haylage.
Overhanging Hedge111 viewsLooking to the north-west. This photograph was taken on our track (the gravel area). Our boundary is the post and rail fence which is barely visible in the midst of our neighbours' hedge. This hedge is the eastern boundary of the small garden behind The Cider Mill (21 Colletts Green Road). The hedge and trees are apparently overhanging our property. Just beyond the hedge (but not visible in this photograph) is the entry to Jack and Margaret's house.
Walking Down Our Track144 viewsTaken from our track (and public footpath 578) looking south towards Colletts Green Road. Our double white gates are to the left (east) but not visible. Jack and Margaret's gate is to the right (west). The structure behind the telephone pole is the garage for the Cider Mill. This photo shows how their conifer hedge is overhanging the track.
The Cider Mill and Our Track141 viewsLooking down our track to the north. Our fence is on the right (east), and The Cider Mill is on the left (west). Our track, owned by us, is the gravel area on the right of the house. Public footpath PW-578 also runs down the track.
Walking Down Our Track124 viewsLooking south towards Colletts Green Road. The building in the foreground is the garage of the Cider Mill, with the bck garden and hedge of the Cider Mill in the centre of the photograph. The hedge is overhanging our property .
Overhanging Hedge140 viewsPhotographed from our track, showing how the hedge at the back garden of The Cider Mill overhangs our property.
The Cider Mill and Our Track181 viewsOur track is the gravel area to the right (east) of The Cider Mill. As is shown, the house has essentially no land on its eastern side, except for a small brick path about three feet wide. Our post-and-rail fence is on the right of this photograph.
The Cider Mill, Colletts Green, Powick, Worcester5899 viewsA photo (looking north, across Colletts Green Road) of the shrubs in front of the Cider Mill. These are overhanging the narrow road, and scratch our car if we are coming from the west (left) and there's ongoing traffic.
Overhanging Shrubs157 viewsOverhanging shrubs at the front of the Cider Mill, Colletts Green Road, Powick. The vertical yellow line shows the property line. The verge is completely gone -- and the shrubs are overhanging the road surface itself.
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