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Stanley Charles and His Mother, Torquay325 viewsStanley Charles (with black cat) and his mother Lilian Kate Feltham in Torquay, date not known. Auntie Jean still has that black cat. The identity of the lady on the left is unknown.
View From The Kissing Gate - North107 viewsLooking north up the public footpath from the kissing gate, across Geoffrey Grizzell's land to the stile beyond. As the grass has recently been harvested, the green footpath is quite clear.
A Summer Day -- With Sunshine!129 viewsThe view towards the north, across Geoffrey Grizzell's recently mowed field, just to the north of Maggot's Croft.
Wooden Fence at Maggot's Croft176 viewsLooking to the south-west. Constructed by Nigel Roberts from Albion Fencing, and with the kind assistance of Geoffrey Grizzell who let us into his field to do the work.
View of Northern Boundary of Maggot's Croft210 viewsThis view, from Geoffrey Grizzell's field looking to the south, shows the northern boundary of Maggot's Croft. Our new wooden fence is shown beneath the second (smaller) oak tree.
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