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Whitecroft - Front Garden140 viewsMay 11 2005
Front Garden Path of Light224 views
Whitecroft on A Summer Afternoon135 viewsJuly 3 2005
Rainbow Over Whitecroft118 views
Rainbow Over Whitecroft115 viewsMarjorie and I were watching TV when suddenly we spotted this huge rainbow over our front garden.
Magnolia Blossom - Whitecroft172 viewsI love Magnolias. Great, huge, pure white flowers. It's a shame that they seem to fall apart so quickly, so it's hard to bring them in the house for a big floral display. (Unless there's some secret that only Southern belles learn, while drinking juleps.) This magnolia bud is in our large tree, Whitecroft, on a hot summer afternoon.
Tapa Resting by the Door303 viewsTapa in prime position --- just inside the front door at Whitecroft --- so he can carefully monitor all activity.
The Swan Fountain and Spring Willows114 viewsChristopher just finished giving the water in the Swan Fountain a good cleaning. The willow trees by our front pond have beautiful spring leaves. April 14 2006
Whitecroft on a Summer Morning137 viewsOur front garden on a cloudless summer day, July 13 2006. We even have the RainTrain sprinkler running (on the right of the photograph). A gorgeous day to be outside.
Round Bushes and Fig Tree116 viewsThis is the "entrance" to our front garden at Whitecroft. The fig tree is growing well --- our theory is that it's near the flue from the boiler, and also the kitchen extractor fan. The fig tree is in its own "micro-climate" that is hopefully a bit more like the Med than like Malvern.
Front Garden of Woodman's Cottage218 viewsPhotographed on the morning of September 19 2006 from the western (shared) track owned by Robert Floyd. This shot is to the south-east. The road on the right is the Bransford Road (also called Colletts Green Road and Station Road) heading towards Powick, Worcester, and the great big world.
Repairing the Fountain175 viewsGiving the fountain in the front garden a good clean. Unfortunately, in doing this the young lad managed to remove all of the moss from the outside of the fountain, and kill all of the plants in the front. The fountain looks "new" again, but has lost the patina it took a dozen years to acquire. October 2 2006
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