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Shauna - Lunch at Selfridge's Birmingham225 viewsHaving our anniversary lunch (April 26 2005) at Selfridge's in the Birmingham Bullring
Marjorie, Cathy, and Shauna at Lunch - Selfridge's207 viewsHaving our anniversary lunch (19 years) with Cathy and Shauna at the Bullring, April 26 2005
Selfridge's Sushi Bar - Birmingham879 viewsThe view from our seat. The gentleman washed his hands in the sink (arrow 1) and dried them by shaking them off. The water --- seen as drops on the stainless steel sink --- went into the shrimp he was peeling (arrow 2).
Selfridge's Sushi Bar - Birmingham146 viewsSeated on my stool at the sushi bar and looking down to the floor at my feet. A lovely assortment of dirt and paper napkins. Yum.
The Bull Ring, Birmingham124 viewsPhotographed on December 23 2005 from a restaurant on the top floor of Selfridge's in the Bull Ring in Birmingham, looking down on a small band, in red coats, on the lower level. They were playing Christmas carols. This photo was taken with my small camera phone --- there's no strap on the phone, and I didn't want to drop it on the band some four floors below.
Marjorie and Cathy at Selfridge's, Birmingham98 viewsWaiting for our table downstairs to have a won ton min for lunch.
Marjorie and Cathy at Selfridge's, Birmingham118 viewsWaiting to have lunch, December 28 2006
Cathy Taking A Picture of Herself126 viewsCathy taking a photo of herself, with me taking a picture of the whole process. At the coffee shop in Selfridge's in Birmingham, January 4 2007.
Marjorie at Selfridges91 viewsEnjoying coffee at Selfridges, January 4, 2007
Marjorie at Selfridge's in Manchester128 viewsWaiting for a late lunch. We spent the night in Manchester while the Corvette was being serviced at Bauer Millett. It's been off-the-road since I broke my back in May 2006.
Craig at Selfridge's in Manchester109 viewsWaiting for our late lunch, overlooking the "square" --- or is it the Triangle?
Marjorie87 viewsAt Selfridge's in Manchester.
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