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Tiny and the Fountain161 viewsWhy is it that dogs don't seem to want the fresh water in their stainless steel bowl, and prefer instead to try to drink water from fountains, puddles, etc.?
Whitecroft Swan Fountain at Night142 viewsTaken at about 10:30 PM on a hot, humid summer evening (June 19 2005).
Whitecroft Swan Fountain with Full Moon Behind Trees121 views
Whitecroft Garden Fountain148 views
The Duck Weed Pond170 viewsBehind all the overgrown grass is the duck weed pond where Kiko likes to throw his ball. We're working on removing the overgrown plants, and getting the fountain (which you can't see anyway) to work again.
Whitecroft Garden Fountain144 viewsVic, Andy, and crew just installed a new pump, filter system, and and some underwater lights. The water is much cleaner, and there's no blanket weed (yet). I love the sound of the water in the metal trays of the fountain -- a bit like a wind chime.
Stormy Monet150 viewsNormally the Monet water lilies are in peaceful water. This looks quite stormy: it's actually the water from our fountain.
Yellow Water Lily and Water Droplet122 views
Teddy Swimming in the Fountain467 viewsTeddy had been playing on the edge of the fountain. He really wanted to jump in, but then held back. Finally, he just did a belly flop and jumped. He then proudly swam from the one side to the other, and then scampered up the bank.
Teddy104 views
Simba Looking For Fish114 views
Teddy Scampering Out of the Fountain94 viewsI went to give him a helping hand, but he was out in a flash.
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