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The Comfort Station5430 viewsThe location and date of this photograph are unknown, but I'm guessing it's not Hawaii. My grandfather, Baba, with my aunt Birdie outside the "comfort station."
Shoe Shine Boy825 viewsBaba (my maternal grandfather) loved to build make-believe forts for me, using rope and blankets. Here I am with a fort, but I seem to be preoccupied with the shining of shoes. I think the radio (is that what it is?) in the background is amazing.
Bab al Shams Buffet825 viewsThe dinner buffet was quite spectacular. On the evening we visited, the desert "fort" was not very crowded, and most of the guests ate early.
Marjorie at Fortnum & Mason in London122 viewsWith her nose -- almost literally -- pressed against the glass of the F&M candy counter. March 9 2006
Tamworth Mom and Her Piglets314 viewsNovember 11 2006
Kiko164 viewsSitting comfortably at the Lygon Arms Hotel, Broadway, January 2007.
Marjorie & Cathy at Lunch104 viewsFortnum & Mason, London -- January 2007. Cathy returning back to Australia.
Marjorie83 viewsAt Fortunum & Mason, London, January 2007
Christmas Shopping at Fortnum and Mason, London208 viewsShopping for food --- what else?
Marjorie Christmas Shopping at Fortnum and Mason113 views
Julie Wong doing her Christmas Shopping at Fortnum and Mason133 views
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