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Humphrey B. Bear - Crime Scene Photograph423 viewsIn addition to horrific injuries to his head (pending the autopsy results, it is thought that the facial injuries were the ones that caused Bear's death), there were also substantial injuries to Bear's left paw. In fact, his left paw was entirely chewed off by canine teeth. The tissue from Bear's paw was spread over a 10 sq. ft. area in what we believe was a horrific attack. We are waiting for further details from forensics.
Maisie - A Hedonist160 views
Maisie118 viewsAfternoon garden walk, April 9 2005
Maisie Stalking A Duck180 viewsDon't worry ... the duck can fly, and did.
Maisie Stalking The Chickens122 views
Maisie Stalking126 views
Maisie On Patrol107 viewsMarching around the garden, looking for ducks
Maisie101 views
Maisie Having A Nice Roll135 viewsAren't dogs great when they have a roll in the thick green grass?
Lord's Wood Entrance to Bransford Road277 viewsOur car is parked on the triangle of land that's part of the Lord's Wood title deed, and provides access to the Colletts Green to Bransford Road. The plan is to pave or gravel (with compacted gravel) this area in the next few weeks. When we commence woodland operations, the sawmill needs (I'm told) to be able to pick up the cut trees from next to the road, so this will become the staging area for that.
Lord's Wood Entrance to Bransford Road216 viewsAnother shot, from our track, showing the triangle of land owned by us adjacent to the Bransford Road.
Hereford Bull - Beef 2005 - Builth Wells, Wales611 viewsHe looks like some sort of alien creature.
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