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John's Waterfall - Food & New Product Show351 viewsJohn Bushby made us the most wonderful POI waterfall using plywood and his favorite foam stuff. The POI letters glowed with a green light from below. It was truly magnificent.
Food and New Product Show323 viewsWe always hated this show. Lots and lots of people, few buying anything. There for the free samples. John Bushby's waterfall was the best part of this show.
After Dinner at Lucies Farm455 viewsNo, we haven't washed them yet. This is what the bowls look like after dinner (and breakfast . . ) at the Lucies Farm Luxury Dog Resort.
Paulo Enjoying His Breakfast141 viewsWheatabix, fresh Guernsey milk (from Carole, our cow), and some scrambled egg from our own Black Rock chickens. Served in his suite, on a silver (okay, silver colour) stand.
Waiting to Go In The Submarine to Dinner241 viewsIn the Burj al Arab, the seafood restaurant is supposedly below the sea. To get there, you take a "submarine" that's more like a Disneyland ride. I'm in the holding area, waiting for our "submarine" to arrive. The restaurant has a huge fish tank, so it's like eating (I guess) underwater.
Brutus and Pee Pee Having Dinner122 viewsBrutus eats from the top bowl, and Pee Pee from the bottom. Of course, Pee Pee then has a look to see what Brutus is eating...
Peepee More Interested in Brutus' Dinner111 viewsAlthough Peepee has a bowl of his own, he first wanted to check to see if Brutus had something better in his bowl.
Peepee and Brutus Dining Together122 views
Cathy and Marjorie Serving the Christmas Dinner109 viewsWith the exception of dogs on a dry food diet, all of the food at Lucies Farm is freshly cooked, and nutritionally balanced for our guests. Cathy and Marjorie worked long hours to produce these delicious Christmas dinners, followed by homemade (and dog-friendly) Christmas puddings.
Sasha Eating Dinner115 views
Sasha Enjoying His Dinner101 viewsThe weather has been pretty miserable outside, so we've resorted to taking some indoor photographs of Sasha. Here he's enjoying his freshly-made dinner --- the bowl was licked clean in about 10 seconds.
Cathy and Marjorie89 viewsWe must have waited a long time for our lunch --- Cathy and Marjorie had time with play with the sugar on the table. Stow-on-the-Wold, January 2007.
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