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The Contractors Carefully Measure The New Fence197 viewsGreat care was taken to be sure that the fence was not over the boundary. The new fence sits entirely on our property. Morning of September 15 2006.
Down With The Old, In With The New237 viewsAfter a year of litigation (commenced against us by Thomas Hawkins) we have fully prevailed. The Court-appointed expert found that the fence by Woodman's Cottage was not along the boundary line, and encroached on our property. This is important, because it has to do with "visual splays" onto the road. On September 15 2006 our contractors arrived to remove the part of the fence that encroached, and to put up our new fence along the boundary line.
Looking Down The Track To Lord's Wood230 viewsSeptember 23 2006, looking north towards Lord's Wood. This photograph shows where the fence jumps out from the hedge. It also shows how close the metal shed is to the fence.
Looking Down The Track To Lord's Wood186 viewsThe morning of September 23 2006. With the brambles cleared out, you can see how the fence (the two horizontal posts) comes out from the hedge, and then carries on down the track to the north, towards Lord's Wood itself. The large metal shed, built without planning permission, is also encroaching upon our land.
More Track Photographs181 viewsSeptember 23 2006. Our guys cleared out the brambles on our side of the fence, and it's now clear that the old fence (in the centre of the hedge at the left) then does a right-hand turn (the two posts in the middle of this photograph), and turns right again. The fence on the right was installed sometime after May 13 2004, when the materials were purchased by Hawkins' men. The fence in the middle was put up, we think between June 2002 and May 2004.
Looking Down The Track To Lord's Wood225 viewsSeptember 23 2006, photographed looking to the north, towards Lord's Wood. Lord's Wood Cottage is on the left of this photograph. The metal shed building is constructed on the eastern side of the Cottage.
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