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Marmadukes Luxury Hotel and the Four Poster Bed139 viewsFor some reason the management or decorator at Marmadukes Luxury Hotel thought the four poster bed (designed, apparently, by the guy who designed the beds in the Harry Potter movies) was the most important thing in the room. It filled the room. In fact, one of the four posts actually went up and into the antique chandelier. You couldn't use the single bedside lamp: it was behind a non-retractable curtain. Marjorie trying to read in the dark, in this hotel-from-Hell.
Marmadukes Luxury Hotel - York192 viewsFor our one night in York, we paid 180 (on a Monday night, in November) to stay at Marmadukes Luxury Hotel. We thought it was awful. Here's a photo of the only TV in the room, with a screen smaller than my laptop. And you had to sit in this low, stiff Victorian chair to watch TV. It was truly awful.
Marmadukes Luxury Hotel -- Trying to Watch TV in Bed107 viewsThis overwhelming bed also made it impossible to watch the single TV in the room from bed. Yet the bed was 80% of the room. The single TV screen was small, and you had to look at it through the bars at the foot of the bed. It was the most inconsiderately designed hotel room Marjorie and I had ever encountered, and the hotel management was absolutely the worst.
Marmadukes Luxury Hotel - The Four Poster Bed95 viewsThis shot shows how the huge four poster bed, that absolutely dominated the tiny hotel room, actually went up and into the room chandelier.
Marmadukes Luxury Hotel, York --- Run Like Crazy102 viewsIf you ever go to York and your hotel looks like this, run like crazy in the opposite direction. Marjorie and I had an awful stay here, and the management were nasty and unapologetic.
Marmaduke's Hotel, York and Impractical Beds117 viewsMarjorie looking through the rather silly bull's eye in the foot of the over-large double bed in our room at Marmaduke's Hotel in York. Please note the TV on the right in this picture. You can't watch TV from bed without looking through the bars at the foot of the bed.
OK, playtime87 views
Yeah, we're having a good time78 views
Who IS this guy?77 views
Yeah, I know, I'm handsome76 views
That's mine77 views
I see a ball that needs a dog79 views
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