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Glorious Spring Day383 viewsMay 17, 2004 --- Sunny and warm. The Black Rock Chickens, Bronze Turkeys, and Khaki Campbell Ducks are all seeking shade. It's so warm you can almost hear the grass growing.
The Men Watching The Ducks466 viewsFortunately the pond is fenced (just out of sight in this photograph) or we'd have dogs-in-pond.
Joe Watching Our Ducks451 viewsFortunately there's a fence just out of sight in this photograph, so our Khaki Campbell ducks are safe.
Joe On Duck Alert423 viewsJoe keeping a watchful eye on our Khaki Campbell ducks. (Looks like our white picket fence needs painting --- another task for the Spring List.)
Cookie Would Like to Meet the Ducks161 viewsCookie looking over our white picket fence (needing paint - a spring job) at the Khaki Campbell ducks.
Jet Watching the Ducks435 viewsJet keeping a close eye on the ducks in our pond. (Don't worry, there's a fence down there in the bushes so he can't jump in.) Our blue boat is ready for the summer season!
Award Winning Ducks244 views
Ducks in Pens193 views
Chasing the Ducks135 viewsThe ducks can paddle much, much faster than our little electric paddle boat.
Khaki Campbell Ducks on the Whitecroft "Lake"788 views
Khaki Campbell Ducks Enjoying A Rest410 viewsA late summer morning in Worcestershire.
Maddy Watches Our Ducks115 viewsDon't worry, there's a fence just out of sight in this photograph. So the ducks -- and Maddy -- are protected from each other.
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