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Having a Drink - in Black and White378 viewsWhy do dogs prefer to drink from streams and canals instead of nice clean water in a stainless steel bowl?
Tamworth "in the zone"2093 viewsShe's just covered her nose with a liberal coating of mud, and that's made her thirsty.1 comments
The Ridgebacks at the Drinking Hole138 viewsClean, fresh water in stainless steel bowls in their suites --- but the Ridgebacks prefer a drink from the fish pond.
Marjorie Having A Green Drink1849 viewsThis can only have been in Italy or France. Where else would they drink something that colour? On our Windstar cruise in the Med.
Harvey Having A Cool Drink92 viewsA hot summer's day, so what's nicer than a cool drink in the shade. As we're in Malvern, I suppose this counts as Malvern water?
Harvey Having A Drink119 viewsComfortably positioned in the shade, with the water bowl conveniently located.
Buddy running with the ball70 viewsBuddy loves to jump into the fountain to cool off after some hectic ball playing. He then drops the ball to get a drink and doesn't know how to retrieve the ball because it has sunk to the bottom. He then usually takes Harvey's ball!
Marjorie Having a Drink182 viewsAn undated photograph, with no indication where it was taken. (I tried zooming in on the background, but no clues there either.)
Berskshire Pig Having a Drink184 viewsWe bought this inexpensive kiddie pool from Argos, and hoped that the smaller pigs would enjoy a swim. This Berkshire pig thought it was a drinking trough.
Wild Boar and Swimming Pool210 viewsWe bought this kiddie's swimming pool at Argos to see if the piglets (Berkshire and wild) would like a swim. But this large wild boar decided the water was better for drinking than for swimming.
Hey, who's that handsome dude?!97 views
Oh, goodie, muddy water90 views
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