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Peter Evans from BOCM Pauls - Beef 2005414 viewsPeter has been extremely helpful in assisting us to formulate the special diet for our Scottish | Kobe cattle.
A Highland Cow Having a Swig of Beer200 viewsOur beef cattle are raised in the traditional Kobe style -- they are fed beer and grain. Normally, they don't like the "fizz" in the beer, so prefer it if we pour it over the grain and let it sit for a few hours. But this was a hot spring day, and this cow quite enjoyed the cold beer right from the bottle.
Highland Cow Enjoying A Cold Beer164 views
Highland Cattle Enjoying a Cold Beer150 views
Woman's World Article on Poi - August 2001281 viewsThis article described poi as a bit of a miracle diet food, and we received many telephone calls from people who simply wanted poi. While the article is true, it left out some of the more important facts about the "poi diet" --- you can't simply eat whatever you want and poi and expect to lose weight. Unfortunately, it just doesn't work like that.
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