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Is This Worcestershire? Or the Maasai Mara?182 viewsWe couldn't catch the Highland cow or Highland steer having tried everything. We finally called the West Midland Safari Park and Bob Lawrence, their Head Warden, came out to assist us "dart" the cattle. This photo was taken in sunny Worcestershire on a December afternoon --- not the Mara.
Steer With the Dart in His Shoulder244 viewsHe ran and ran and ran, and ultimately needed a little bit of a "top up" of the tranquliser.
Bob Lawrence Using Air Rifle To Shoot the Steer189 viewsThis is actually the moment that the dart hit the steer (UK302940500041). You can see him losing his step on the right of the photograph, with the red tip of the dart showing. Bob Lawrence, from the West Midland Safari Park, has just fired the air rifle.
The Mine in Dartmouth191 viewsThere is a big red mine on the sea front in Dartmouth with a coin slot. The brass plaque says that all funds go to The Shipwrecked Fisherman & Mariners Royal Benevolent Society, but the mine seemed full. As the mine is about a meter in diameter --- if it's full of coins it must be holding a treasure trove.
Marjorie at the Big Mine107 viewsThis large red mine, along the waterfront in Dartmouth, is apparently a place to put contributions to the Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners Royal Benevolent Society. But it was full.
Cathy at the Big Mine85 viewsAlong the sea front in Dartmouth
Cathy Photographing the Seagull95 viewsDartmouth waterfront, mid-January.
Marjorie and Cathy in Dartmouth81 viewsJanuary 2007
Auntie Jean and Marjorie131 viewsHaving afternoon tea in Dartmouth, before catching the "little ferry" home. January 2007
Cathy and Me86 viewsHaving tea in Dartmouth, January 2007
The View From the "Little Ferry"116 viewsCrossing the River Dart in Dartmouth on the "little ferry" or "lower ferry" on our way home. January 2007
Craig By The Park Sheraton Hotel - Thanksgiving 19661761 viewsI had a term paper to write --- I was a freshman at Renesselaer --- so I borrowed a typewriter in the hotel's office. They used it for typing telegrams (remember telegrams?) so all of the lower-case letters had been filed off. I had to type my paper ALL IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Note the Horn and Hardart automat on the corner in the background.
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