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Poi English Muffins & Macadamia Nut Butter362 views
Cookie and the Stream148 viewsCookie looking over the small dam in the stream. Naturally, she then walked across the dam, only to be confronted by the fence on the other side.
Tapa Wants In179 viewsIt was a foggy November night. Tapa, the English Bull Terrier, wanted to get into the dog resort --- too cold and damp outside for him (and for me, for that matter).
Marjorie Crossing the Dam858 viewsHaving crossed the narrow dam to get a dog ball from the other side of the small "canal."1 comments
Steve Patch and Ann Heward at the Supper Club228 viewsI read about the Supper Club in Amsterdam in Conde Nast Traveller and we made reservations. At that time you ate on large beds. The restaurant didn't have its name on the door, wasn't in the telephone directory, and the concierge in our hotel had never heard of it. The new Supper Club website looks very swish, but perhaps not as much fun.
Cathy Bushby Dancing (I Think) at The Supper Club167 viewsThe Supper Club was a strange restaurant where you ate dinner on a large bed. According to their website, it was "the brainchild of a group of artists, libertines, and other creative souls." When I went to the restroom there were two, as you'd expect. But the two were labeled "Heterosexual" and "Homosexual."
Cathy Bushby, Chris Wilesmith, and Chris "Little Legs" Wilesmith166 viewsAt the Supper Club in Amsterdam.
A Dessert Plate at the Supper Club, Amsterdam159 views"Less is A Bore."
Craig in a Mickey Mouse Sweater1405 viewsI have no idea why I was wearing a Mickey Mouse sweater at the Supper Club in Amsterdam.
Our Little Dam, Working Full Time223 viewsPerhaps we should install a small hydroelectric plant?
Our Little Dam4606 viewsThis is the first time I'd seen water actually go over the sides of the dam. Normally the water just goes through the lower portion in the middle. Fortunately our stream was able to take the water safely away from the house and garden.
Whitecroft Dam198 viewsDuring the heavy rain day, July 20 2007. Motorways closed, roads flooded, people stranded --- and our little dam working full time.
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