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Cattle Having Their Dinner308 viewsNot quite a family portrait. The bull in the foreground, Rull Ballet Cruz, is an Aberdeen Angus. The calf and cow (her mother, Betty) are Gloucester cattle. Enjoying dinner on the 4 Acre Field, summer, July 10 2005.
Rull Balletcruz B012 - Aberdeen Angus Bull341 viewsEnjoying his Sunday lunch, July 31 2005, Lucies Farm four acre field
Rull Balletcruz B012, our Aberdeen Angus Bull873 viewsThe folks who sold us Rull Balletcruz B012, Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Jones, had a healthy respect for him. He looks quite menacing from this viewpoint, but I don't think he liked my camera. He was busy eating and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon at Lucies Farm.
Ballet Cruz Standing Guard449 viewsOur Aberdeen Angus bull, Ballet Cruz, standing watch over the Tamworth (red) and Berkshire (black) pigs. A nice autumn afternoon in sunny Worcestershire.
Rull Balletcruz B012 Born 17 October 2002188 viewsAberdeen Angus Cattle Society Herd Book Vol. 127 UK366823-200012 -- Our pure-bred Aberdeen Angus Bull, at rest.
Hmm, how do I get out of this?222 viewsLord Rannoch, our Highland bull, smashed through the thick (and, we thought, sturdy) wooden fence while we were watching to take on Ballet Cruz, an Aberdeen Angus bull. Poor move, Rannoch. This shows that horns are no match for a size and youth. Fortunately, only Rannoch's pride was injured. Zbig and Gregorz ran into the fray (sort of) and separated the two angry bulls.
The Victor161 views
Ow, that hurts!252 viewsLord Rannoch, our Highland bull, was quick to charge the fence --- and, to our amazement, he actually broke through. There were five of us there at the time, including our veterinarian to do a castration of a young Gloucester bull. What this photograph doesn't show is Zbig and Gregorz running around yelling --- and finally actually separating the two bulls before any damage was done.
Oh, the humilition457 viewsLord Rannoch decided to pay Ballet Cruz a visit and in the words of the Rolling Stones "made the biggest mistake of his life". He was no match for the much younger bull. He's OK. Only his pride is wounded.
Matt Ryle and Matthew Barney Looking at Aberdeen Angus Cattle470 viewsPamela on the left, and Ballet Cruz in the middle. The size of the Aberdeen Angus bull is nice --- but what a shame that he has no horns?
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