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Wild Boar Feeling Frisky4568 views
The only way to work340 viewsLeonie Hutson discussing the upcoming "Impress Me" television programme.
High powered TV meeting340 viewsRod and Leonie of RDF in talks with us to take part in a documentary about finding staff to be called 'Impress Me' - August 2007
We're all hard at work246 viewsCraig, Leonie Hutson, and Rod Williams from RDF discuss the upcoming TV programme "Impress Me."
Have you met my new friends276 viewsFilming Marjorie taking photos of the doggie guests for the "Impress Me" television programme. Celine is watching the activities on a monitor.
Not a good job to do with a hangover184 viewsPeter, the sound man for the RDF crew, taking a breather after looking for broken glass from a light so that we could take a dog swimming for filming
I know it's in here somewhere124 viewsPeter, the sound man with the RDF crew, filming the documentary "Impress Me", looking for broken glass from one of the lights above the pool
It's been a ball132 viewsThe end of filming family snapshot. Rod and Celine are part of the RDF team who had been filming a documentary called "Impress Me" for Channel 4
Hope you're using the UW filter!!136 views
Now we can relax and smile127 viewsRod, Celine and Leonie, part of the RDF team who had just spent 2 weeks with us filming a documentary called "Impress Me"
Another wrap129 viewsCeline, Rod and Leonie relaxing and smiling after 2 weeks of filming the documentary "Impress Me" filmed by RDF for Channel 4
The farewell ........ and off to the next gig146 viewsThe final farewell as the RDF crew prepare to leave after 2 weeks filming the "Impress Me" documentary.
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