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Marjorie, Corvette & Field of Rape261 viewsOn our way back from the Severn Bore, spring 2003
John Boy's Rose Bush177 viewsThe rose bush that John pruned back --- and it loved it...!
Marjorie's Corvette in Bruge222 viewsWe thought it would be fun to drive the new Corvette to Switzerland to pick up a new Bolex movie camera. We spent the night in Brugge (Belgium), the "Venice of the North." We parked the car along side one of the canals, in front of our hotel.
Corvette90 views
How to make your car look exciting123 views
Craig and the Corvette153 viewsI managed to get out of the house to enjoy some of the snow. At least with my bright jacket if I fell I'd be dressed for the ambulance.
West Side of Whitecroft250 viewsThe garage and indoor pool are in the foreground, and the dog resort is on the left. This shows how close the dog resort is to the main house itself.
Aerial View from the Front Gate166 viewsA view from the front gate, showing the garage on the left, and the conservatory (with its electric shutters) in the right foreground. The main house is to the right.
Whitecroft258 viewsPhotographed from outside our front gates, from our track.
Whitecroft248 viewsPhotographed from outside our front gates, from our track, with an aerial mast. The Corvette is in the driveway.
Whitecroft, The Dog Resort, and Maggot's Croft324 viewsPhotographed with the aerial mast from outside our front gate. The driveway (with Corvette) is in the foreground. Dog resort building on the left, and the stable yard and western portion of Maggot's Croft in the background.
All quiet on the western front96 views
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