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Lord's Wood Track245 viewsThis photograph is taken from our track leading into Lord's Wood. The camera is looking south, towards Lord's Wood Cottage. The brick structure is, I believe, an old chicken coop. According to our recorded title documents, our property line runs on the eastern side (left in this photograph) of the chicken coop. As shown by this photograph, the fence is quite a distance from the coop. This is being double-checked by our surveyor.
Back of Lord's Wood Cottage259 viewsPhotographed from the back of Lord's Wood Cottage, looking towards the south. The brick chicken coop is shown in the centre of the photograph, with the metal leaning on it.
Looking Northward to Lord's Wood187 viewsThe brick chicken coop (with metal leaning on its eastern wall) is shown. This should be the property line. A clump of bushes is shown just past the building, also part of the old fence line. The new post and rail wooden fence has been installed too far to the east (right in this photograph).
Looking Over The Fence, Lord's Wood Cottage327 viewsThe brick chicken coop on the left. This photograph is taken looking towards the North-West. The post and rail fence is in the foreground, the clump of trees in the centre of the photograph are where the fence was previously located.
Simba quietly enjoying a scoop of peanut butter89 views
Lucies Farm Stable Yard374 viewsTemporary trailer/caravan on the left, with Norbert and Petra having a discussion. Dutch barn in the background, and green chicken coop.
Upper Barn and Chicken Coop145 viewsRoss and Belinda are enjoying the sunshine. Ross had just had a big romp in this field, hitting the piles of dirt with this horns.
The Gap In The Fence99 viewsThis is the view of the west of Maggot's Croft, including our stable in the sitance and chicken coop in the foreground, visible through the gap in our hedge. We have now closed the gap with a wooden fence.
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