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Kiko in Chair -- Eyes Open930 viewsI took a picture of Kiko asleep in his chair and the flash woke him up. Poor boy. Other than opening his eyes, for a moment, he didn't move a muscle.
Kiko Asleep in the Conservatory1026 viewsKiko was snoring away in his favourite chair in the conservatory yesterday (February 13 2005) so I snapped his picture. When I went to upload it to this site, I was surprised to find out how many pictures I have of our dogs sleeping --- including in the sunny conservatory. Gosh, it looks like that's all our dogs do every day. As if.
Whitcroft Conservatory187 viewsMay 11 2005
Whitecroft Conservatory459 viewsAnd if you look closely, you can see Kiko watching me from inside.
Messy Office, Sunny Conservatory164 viewsBecause I scan everything, my office is cluttered -- until I scan and then shred the document. Unread magazines stacked neatly on the left. Kiko asleep in the sun. Topiary dog outside keeping watch.
Whitecroft Conservatory & Topiary Dog128 viewsA hot summer day -- June 18 2005. Outside taking photos of the doggie visitors.
Kiko in His Favourite Postion -- Asleep424 viewsKiko managed to make a little "extension" on the chair in the conservatory so his head would be supported and comfortble.
Kiko Having A Nap527 viewsKiko loves sun, so he loves the couch in the conservatory. Having a nice nap in the late summer sunshine.1 comments
Kiko Having a Nap301 viewsOn the floor of the Whitecroft conservatory, on Kiko's 11th Birthday (May 1, 2006). The boxes on the left are from KPMG -- they're our old tax returns, circa 1996. And are about to be burned --- over a decade old.
Kiko Napping in the Conservatory7901 viewsOn May 1 2006, Kiko's 11th Birthday
Topiary Dog115 viewsWhitecroft front garden, just outside of the conservatory. Looks like our topiary dog needs a haircut.
Aerial View from the Front Gate167 viewsA view from the front gate, showing the garage on the left, and the conservatory (with its electric shutters) in the right foreground. The main house is to the right.
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