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And he doesn't envy those people with Blackberries.................137 viewsHe can't stay away from a computer for 5 minutes!! Actually, I'm any excuse for a cup of coffee and since Craig is unable to walk long distances in one go we stopped at this Internet Cafe in the Hermitage so I could have coffee and he could make sure that we weren't missing anything.
....... getting closer97 viewsDestroying the hard drive on old computers --- with the farm tractor.
..... and rolling on .........123 viewsAmazing how strong the case is on Marjorie's old Compaq computer. Even the full weight of the tractor can't crush it.
Crumpled enough? ...........94 viewsMy old Apple computer after meeting the tractor.
.... and smash97 viewsThis is the way we wipe the hard drive on an old computer on the farm. This will prevent identity theft!
........... no .........112 views
........... that's better110 viewsTractor =1, Apple Computer = 0
And a smashing time ........95 viewsSome days we all feel like doing this to our computer.
Looking good201 viewsOld computers bound for the tip. What fun to spear them with the tractor first.
........ was had by all92 viewsThey say that discarded computers often hold lots of information from their previous owner. Not if the previous owner drives their tractor over them.
Wire Management - Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel119 viewsThere were no plug sockets (power points) near the desk in our suite in the Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel. To plug in my laptop and cell phone I lifted the top on this little box, to the left of the desk, and found this tangle of wires. I had to use my laptop elsewhere in the room.
It's a funny shape isn't it!!146 views
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