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Buddy going for his ball253 viewsExperts say that dogs don't see colour. In our experience they only go for the ball they chose. Other colour balls are ignored
Two Different Eyes158 viewsWe encountered this dog, Volvo, on the streets in Turin. He has two different coloured eyes. His owners were quite happy to have me take his photograph.
Young Girl Dressed in the Italian Flag202 viewsOpening ceremony of the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino
Cao Dai Temple, Viet Nam319 views"Indigenous to Vietnam Cao Dai is a fusion of the best from Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, with Christianity and Islam thrown in for good measure. Cao Daoism was founded in Vietnam only as recently as the 1920's as the answer to the ultimate ideal religion and insists that its' earth-based intermediaries or messengers include such luminaries as William Shakespeare, Joan of Arc and Napoleon Bonaparte."
I'm the shoemaker's child287 viewsWe are so busy running and playing with guests that Kiko and Tapa rarely get to enjoy the same treats but here is Tapa enjoying some peanut butter
Tapa Enjoying Some Peanut Butter263 viewsTapa is a tri-colour English Bull Terrier.
Tapa the Bull Terrier310 viewsTapa is a tri-colour English bull terrier.
Tapa's Christmas Portrait142 viewsBeneath the Christmas tree, 2006
Tapa's Eyes190 viewsTapa, a tri-colour English bull terrier. What is he thinking?
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