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Christmas 2004 - The Aftermath307 viewsCathy and John wrapped all of our presents in matching Christmas fabric --- they were beautiful. But we managed to get the shredder paper from the box all over the floor, and then it clogged the vacuum cleaner.
Whitecroft Garden Fountain149 views
Whitecroft Garden Fountain145 viewsVic, Andy, and crew just installed a new pump, filter system, and and some underwater lights. The water is much cleaner, and there's no blanket weed (yet). I love the sound of the water in the metal trays of the fountain -- a bit like a wind chime.
Vic and Barbara Cleaning The Pool2751 viewsThe water is only 4 1/2 feet deep throughout, warmed nicely, and near where Vic is cleaning there's a current that can be turned on and adjusted.
Barbara Cleaning The Pool Tile4966 views4 comments
Barbara Cleaning The Pool6906 viewsWhile our indoor pool has been maintained, we haven't really had time to swim in it. As we get ready to introduce canine swimming, it's time to clean every tile spic-n-span. It's a hot summer Friday, and Barbara volunteered. Ever gone swimming in kitchen gloves?
Repairing the Fountain176 viewsGiving the fountain in the front garden a good clean. Unfortunately, in doing this the young lad managed to remove all of the moss from the outside of the fountain, and kill all of the plants in the front. The fountain looks "new" again, but has lost the patina it took a dozen years to acquire. October 2 2006
Boot washing312 views
Lobby - Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel149 views
Karcher Vacuum Cleaner Repair227 viewsWe paid almost 80 and waited two months to have our Karcher vacuum cleaner repaired by Express Cleaning Supplies near Malvern. The very first time we tried to use it, the pipe (their repairs?) fell apart in our hands. We called, and they didn't return our calls. So much for pride in your work.
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