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The Chrysler Imperial from Cremaster 33615 viewsThe wrecked car from the demolition derby sequence in the Cremaster 3 film. This now stands at the centre of the stage in the Manchester Opera House as part of Matthew Barney's Guardian of the Veil.
The Chrysler Imperial and Cow Dummy7944 viewsIt was hoped that Ross would mount the white plastic cow dummy (covered with a cow hide during the performance of Guardian of the Veil. A similar dummy was sent to us at Lucies Farm to see if Ross was "interested." He wasn't.
Ross Entering the Opera House627 viewsRoss about to come down the ramp for the first time with the Chrysler Imperial and actors on the stage.
Ross Coming Downstage of the Chrysler Imperial228 viewsDigby Gribble firmly in control of Ross --- and with Ross performing like a trooper.
Ross Coming Down the Ramp219 viewsFor the first time with actors on the stage. Holding my breath!
Ross Walking Around the Chrysler Imperial on Stage211 viewsThe cable attached to Ross' harness will prevent him from running anywhere. During the rehearsals and three live performances, Ross never needed the cable to stop him. Jack Thompson watching from above.
Ross Walking Around the Chrysler Imperial162 viewsSeeing if Ross had any reaction to the wrecked car (with white cow dummy) on stage. He didn't.
The Wrecked Chrysler Imperial171 viewsFrom the Cremaster 3 film. With the white plastic cow dummy at the back.
Ross At His First Rehearsal149 viewsBeing led by Digby Gribble.
Wrecked Chrysler Imperial168 viewsFrom Cremaster 3.
Ross At His First Rehearsal168 viewsBeing led by Digby Gribble and Artur Ivanyan, with Grzegorz Bednarski following from behind.
The Wrecked Chrysler Imperial719 viewsOn the stage of the Manchester Opera House.
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