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Kiko Asleep Under My Chair591 viewsMarjorie snapped this picture of Kiko sleeping, face down, right under my office chair.
Old Whitecroft Kitchen -- Chase and Marjorie181 viewsGosh, I barely remember when the kitchen looked like this. The black metal (and cane) chairs came from Hawaii. I think Marjorie was trying to prove that she could b taller than Chase -- if she stood on a chair.
Me Sitting in the Oval Lingotto245 viewsThey wheeled me to this area in the Oval Lingotto where we sat, essentially, with the speed skating coaches and had a ring-side view of the action.1 comments
Marjorie on the Woodcutter's Chair With Matt and Rose98 viewsThe woodcutter left a couple of "chairs" in Lord's Wood, cut from tree trunks. Marjorie is having a rest with Matt and Rose.
Marmadukes Luxury Hotel - York192 viewsFor our one night in York, we paid 180 (on a Monday night, in November) to stay at Marmadukes Luxury Hotel. We thought it was awful. Here's a photo of the only TV in the room, with a screen smaller than my laptop. And you had to sit in this low, stiff Victorian chair to watch TV. It was truly awful.
York Minster Cathedral Chairs222 views
Genny on the Chair234 views
Kiko In The Examining Room117 viewsAt the Animal Health Trust in Newmarket. Rather than getting up on the examination table, Kiko preferred to be on the chairs.
Holiday Inn Garden Court - Helsinki Airport, Finland175 viewsBecause our inbound flight was late, we missed our connection to St. Petersburg in Warsaw. This meant a side-trip to Helsinki, and we still arrived in St. Petersburg a day late. This hotel, at the airport, was clean but basic. Nobody to help with our luggage, so Marjorie had to put it on a chair we "borrowed" from the business centre. She pushed the luggage to our tiny room on the chair.
Herman Miller Mitta Chair111 viewsThis is the arm rest on my Herman Miller Mitta chair --- less than a year old. Trying to get them to honour their 12 year guarantee (or whatever it is) has been a real challenge. The chair is very comfortable for my bad (broken) back, but not so good from an armrest standpoint.
Marjorie in Her Chair at Craigside Penthouse182 viewsChristmas Day, 2000
Guess the ol' boy needs a rest112 views
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