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The Path to the Ticket Booth, Stadio Olimpico158 viewsAs incredible as it seems, this was the path to the ticket booth for the opening ceremony of the Torino Winter Olympics. The booth, in a porta-cabin in the Piazza d'Armi, could only be found via a small A4 paper sign, written only in Italian, nailed to a small stake. The Olympic Stadium is only about 50 meters to the right of this photograph. This was taken the day before the opening ceremony.
Solstice Packaging135 viewsThis is how Solstice in London packaged our produce. The cardboard used in the box is, in my opinion, too thin for a courier company to handle. And the open handle on the side of the box means the food shipment is essentially open to the elements while in transit.
I know, I'm a lucky girl191 views
Yep, this looks like a typical student party224 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985
Don't we look proud of ourselves!145 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985
Gosh time does things to your memory. Chris Parkin is 5th from left. David Warmington is 4th from left. The guy to the back of my right shoulder is Rob but I can't remember his last name and I just can't remember the name of the guy on my right even though we were on the same course and same tutorial group
Look at how we got dressed up!!130 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985
Vanessa is on the left. I don't know who the person is on the right. She wasn't on my course
Gosh, aren't we proud131 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985
Ian, who wasn't on my course but we were friends
Am I sober??!153 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985
Andrew at my house where we had a party to celebrate achieving our degrees (we both got a 2:1). Ian let me know recently that Andrew appears to have died while on a mountain hiking holiday. Such a shame: only 44 with a young family
S'pose we better think about getting a job124 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985. The day of the graduation. Suppose we're now growed up
Yep, we're all having a good time165 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985
Now we can really let our hair down127 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985
Dinner in the evening to celebrate our graduation. Vanessa at the left of the picture
Gosh, look how camera technology has changed142 viewsUWIST graduation, Cardiff, July 1985
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