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Spring Morning on the Whitecroft "Canal"244 viewsUp early in the morning (unusual for me) to check on the newly arrived Bronze turkeys. I spotted these yellow flowers on the banks of the small Whitecroft "canal." It's spring.
Joe Looking at Canal509 viewsWe have a 1/4 acre duck pond at the front of our property. To raise the level of the pond, and extend it somewhat, we built a small dam down one stream. (Not exactly Hoover Dam.) We call this "the canal," even though it's probably not more than three feet deep at its deepest point. It's a site of attraction for Retrievers and Labradors!
Tess Finds The Canal601 viewsTess managed to toss her ball (deliberately, we think) into our small, shallow canal. What's a dog to do when that happens? Jump, of course!1 comments
Tess on the Canal Path474 views
Tess Looks for Her Ball809 viewsShe's tossed the yellow ball into the shallow canal. She can see it, but will she let us get it out for her? Or will she want to do it herself?
Having a Drink - in Black and White378 viewsWhy do dogs prefer to drink from streams and canals instead of nice clean water in a stainless steel bowl?
Tess Contemplating the Canal212 viewsOur "canal" is actually only about three feet deep. The water is run-off from the housing estate down the road, so it's always clear. And there's a dog-proof fence on the other side. But Tess has the look of someone planning their escape!
Marjorie's Corvette in Bruge231 viewsWe thought it would be fun to drive the new Corvette to Switzerland to pick up a new Bolex movie camera. We spent the night in Brugge (Belgium), the "Venice of the North." We parked the car along side one of the canals, in front of our hotel.
Artur and Grzegorz At The Imperial War Museum - North162 viewsAt the top of the tower, with the Manchester Ship Canal and the Lowry in the background.
The Lowry, Manchester126 viewsThe Lowry photographed from the Imperial War Museum - North, overlooking the Manchester Ship Canal.
The Little Canal127 viewsThis is the outflow from our duck pond, photographed during the worst rain I'd experienced. I actually put the camera in its underwater housing to take these photographs.
Ice78 viewsIt's been cold --- very cold. The little "canal" that runs along the eastern edge of Whitecroft was even frozen.
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