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Alpaca Profile210 views
Alpaca222 viewsI'm always surprised at the curiosity of the alpacas. They love coming over and having a look at anything new: new dog, new sprinkler, new anything. They run a mile if we try to pat them, but they come very close when they want to look over our shoulder at something that's of interest to them.
The Alpacas215 viewsEnjoying a bit of autumn sunshine, 29 Oct 05
Our Two Alpacas in the Barn129 viewsWith all of the rains and flooding, we moved the two alpacas into a large, dry stall in the barn. Of course all they want to do is get out.
The Alpacas Heading Off To The Stable157 views
The Alpacas Moving from Upper Barn to the Stable and Yard109 viewsOur two alpacas look at bit like a pushmepullyou. We decided to return Lord Rannoch to the upper barn because it's larger, and bring the two alpacas down to the stable and yard. They can't really decide the right direction.
Curious Alpaca105 views
Alpacas in the Stable125 viewsThis was just too small for Lord Rannoch, so we moved him back to the upper barn and moved the two alpacas into the stable block --- where they also have the run of the stable yard.
Alpacas in their New Home119 views
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