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Brooke and Poi T-Shirt578 viewsWe were contacted by E! television. They were filming a "Wild on Waikiki" program, and wanted a taro lo`i in town. We explained that most lo`i were on the neighbor islands, but that we had a small one (about 10 sq. ft.) in our parking lot. The taro plants in our mini-lo`i were purchased at Home Depot. But our mini lo`i was graced by Brooke, and appeared in the E! program.
Kalvin Leaving the Dog Hotel109 viewsTwlight at Luices Farm on another rainy, wet day.
Kalvin and the Wild Boar112 views
Kalvin and the Wild Boar225 views
Kalvin and the Wild Boar574 views
Kalvin121 views
Kalvin Spreading the Straw268 viewsPreparing the base for the pig arc.
Spreading the Straw Under Pig Supervision303 viewsKalvin spreading fresh straw.
Wrong Side Up314 viewsIt's called a Pig Arc, but it's supposed to go the other way around. Cathy supervising, as Kalvin is running.
Moving the Pig Arc to the Fresh Straw Bed593 viewsOnce over the bed of straw, the arc will be lowered by the tractor, and then turned right-side up.
Turning the Pig Arc Over707 viewsWe had to tell Kalvin to move: if he didn't, when the arc flipped right-side-up he'd be inside it.
Pig Arc Moved And With a Bed of Fresh Straw802 viewsKalvin surveying the wild boar. The image of one of our former colleagues has been removed at his specific request -- hence the mysterious brown rectangle.
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