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British Bulldog and Young Lad796 viewsThis lad was exhausted. When we asked his Mom if we could take his picture, he just look resigned to it all.
British Bulldog509 viewsThis dog's owner kindly removed his dog from its cage and did the sepecial Bulldog pose (which seemed to involve gently pulling the skin beneath his head).
British Bulldog694 viewsI frequently point out to my English wife that the symbol of the United States is the bald Eagle -- free, majestic, soaring. And the symbol of Great Britain? Why the Bulldog, of course . . .
British Bulldog Being Posed165 views
Alert181 views
Resting on my laurels188 views
British Airways Jet Taking Off from Heathrow226 viewsWe were at the 2006 Wag and Bone Show at Windsor Great Park, which (I suppose) is tecnically part of Windsor Castle. The park is in the flight path of Heathrow, with planes flying overhead every few minutes.
Japan Times Online - May 9 2007146 viewsBritish Farmers "Wagyu" Beef Strains Prove A Hit
Kyodo News Agency - Japan131 viewsBritish Farmers' "Wagyu" Beef Strains Prove A Hit
On the Train from Manchester to Birmingham191 viewsMarjorie and I have seen all those wonderful TV ads about Virgin Trains zipping elegantly through the countryside. We decided to take the train back from Manchester. It was more 1986 British Rail: frayed seats, dirty headrests, indifferent service, inaudible (but frequent) announcements hectoring us to do something-or-other. Useless.
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